Refilling your empty ink cartridges is easy

We sell a wide range of ink refill kits for a range of popular printer cartridges.

Refilling your ink cartridge at home is a simple procedure that you can perform at home.

Each kit comes with a comprehensive instructions and there is a video available to watch on the product page to assist you in performing the procedure.

Refilling your own ink cartridges offers you a huge money saving opportunity, with each kit allowing you can refill the cartridges multiple times for a fraction of the price of a new cartridge.

Because the inks in the InkTec kits are specifically designed to match as closely as possible the ink in the original cartridge the print quality is excellent. Even with dye and pigment based cartridges the results are the same because InkTec have taken the time to analyse and match the colours and types of ink prescicly.

To veiw the kits available please select your printer model from the list below.